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“It’s crazy, ridiculous and fun all at the same time, but it works because people like weird.” – Lori Allen

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Director, Lori Allen, talks about the idea of “micro-entrepreneurship” and completing small jobs or “microgigs” on this episode.

Microgigs have been around for at least 5 years and have been featured on the Today Show, ABC, CNN and Forbes. We developed its Microgig Riches program about two or three years ago to help people take advantage of this hot trend.

Lori explains more…

“Many of our programs are romantic. It’s romantic to travel the world and get paid to write about your experiences. It’s romantic to get paid for your photos and see them on a billboard, or in a magazine. But often people don’t have the money to get started – or possibly need to see a little cash in their accounts sooner rather than later. That’s where Microgig Riches comes in.”

Basically, a microgig is a small job that you can do in 30 minutes or less.

Sometimes the microgig will be something practical like making phone calls to remind someone to take their medicine.

But often, the microgig will be something fun, quirky, or maybe even ridiculous. Things like…

***Calling and pretending you’re President Obama

***Handwriting letters from Santa Claus

***Calling to sing to someone’s cat

And there’s the outlandish microgigs like the one Lori recently saw where an overweight shirtless man will send his photo to your mother and tell her he’s your fiancé.

Seriously, a microgig can be anything!

Microgigs are things you can do in the time it takes your coffee to brew in the morning. They are ideal for someone who wants to earn extra money in very little time and with very little – even zero – set up cost.

Lori has hired people to do microgigs for her numerous times. Things like…

***Making coloring pages from a photo of her daughter for a birthday party

***Hiring a woman who has a guinea pig to spell out the company logo in lettuce and then have the guinea pig eat the logo

There are tricks to getting started and in our Microgig Riches program you’ll learn how to start by offering microgigs at $5 and build to $10, $25 or even $50 per service performed, how to build a reputation in the microgig world and much more.

For more about how you can get started earning an income by offering your own microgigs, visit:

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