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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”—Saint Augustine

 Host, Jody Maberry brings travel writer, Terri Marshall back to the show.

Jody catches up with Terri while she is in Delray Beach, Florida attending the AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp where she’s learning new writing skills and more about running her business as a writer.

Terri’s background is in law and accounting. She spent decades working as an accountant specializing in trusts and estates for law firms. In short, she’s educated.

But the education she has learned from her travels is never-ending.

As she explains…

“When I travel—whether it’s internationally or just to a different region of the country—I’m continually learning.”

From watching science unfold before her eyes in Antarctica…to the fascinating reality of what life was like behind the “Iron Curtain” in Eastern Europe, Terri’s travels have exposed her to the world on a much deeper level.

Listen in as she shares some of her experiences and what travel writing has taught her about the world. She also shares some tips for seeking out those educational experiences no matter where you’re traveling.

Visit to learn more about travel writing and the opportunities it provides.

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