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“Good things happen if you just get out of bed.” – John Bechtel

On this week’s episode, you’ll hear from one of our travel writing success story – John Bechtel, and how he got started writing locally.

John attended the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in San Diego in 2014. And in just one year, he was asked to come back and speak on the success panel at the 2015 annual event in Denver.

“John says he lives in ‘Nowhere’s Ville’ and he questioned the concept taught at the travel writer’s workshop of starting local,” Great Escape Publishing Director Lori Allen says. “Local for John is Minot, North Dakota and he couldn’t imagine finding anything to write about locally.”

So he set out to test the theory… and it worked.

We hear a funny, entertaining and enlightening clip from John speaking to the attendees at the 2015 Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Denver about the first few articles he got published.

He shares a few tips for new writers to remember…

…Sometimes people will ask to preview my articles before they are published. I tell them if they want editorial control that is paid advertising and it will cost them about $1,200. They usually go away.

…Deadlines are good for you. They make you get things done.

…You can start with posting your articles on Facebook, but eventually you need to put them on a website so that editors can see your work.

…Don’t be afraid, print those business cards that show you are a writer. You can always burn them later.

John is just one example of the many success stories that have come from our programs.

For more about how you can get started with travel writing today, visit:

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