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“Social media is just a buzzword until you come up with a plan.”—Unknown

Host, Jody Maberry welcomes Bonnie Caton back to the podcast.

At the recent Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop in St. Louis, Bonnie spoke to attendees about Instagram.

Jody confesses he resisted Instagram for years even though people told him he should be there. He’s on Facebook and wasn’t sure he wanted to add another social media channel to his life.

Jody’s not alone. Many people resist bringing more social media platforms into their lives.

Bonnie shares some of the benefits of Instagram…

“You can share your photos and see all the beautiful photos posted to the site, it’s stress free and it’s Facebook without the drama!”

Listen in as Bonnie shares more advantages of being on Instagram along with tips for getting started and for using the platform to build your business or brand.  

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