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Listicles are like the ‘crack’ of travel writing, we just have to read them.” –Kyle Wagner

Host, Jody Maberry and Director, Lori Allen bring Kyle Wagner to the show. To listen in to a previous episode with Kyle, go here.

Lori introduces us to Kyle…

“Kyle has a lot of spunk and I would imagine that’s why she’s such a great travel writer. She’s enthusiastic, funny and always entertaining. And she wants people to live a full life and love what they do.”

Kyle has 30 years of journalism under her belt. She spent 12 of those years as an editor at the Denver Post.  Now she’s freelancing and loving the flexibility and freedom the freelance life brings.

She joins Jody to talk about “listicles” and the place they hold in today’s journalism… especially online.

“Listicles are a list of the ‘top 10 (or some other number) this or that’ held together by an introduction,” explains Kyle. “They’re just like the popsicles they’re named for—easily digestible.”

For a writer who’s in love with the narrative and wants to tell a story, listicles can be frustrating. However, they sell better than any other stories out there.

Listen in as Kyle gives tips on how to make your listicle ideas more valuable and unique which will make the publications love them.

Kyle has worked with us to develop an intern program for members who prefer small group travel writing instruction. Through this program, she teaches members how to write queries that will get their articles noticed and published.

If you want to learn more about our internship program with Kyle, go to

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