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“Less perfection. More authenticity.”—Anonymous

Great Escape Radio host, Jody Maberry is joined by Breakfast Stock Club Creator, Bonnie Caton again this week. (You can listen in to the last episode with Bonnie here.)

Jody talks with Bonnie about a term she uses in her photography: purposeful authentic.

Bonnie shares what that means…

“Thanks to social media, brands are looking to showcase real people in their advertising campaigns. They’re looking to get a peek inside the lives of real people.”

In the past, marketing campaigns would hire models and set up photo shoots to sell their products…it was fake.

“Now people want authentic looking photos. What that means is that you have many more opportunities to shoot photos to sell to stock agencies. Whenever you go out with your friends, take pictures of the things you’re doing whether its hiking, happy hour or whatever you’re doing.”

Purposeful means finding the iconic things either in your travels or in your daily life and photographing them in the best possible light.

“You’re doing things that are real, but the photos you’re shooting are curated and edited.”

Listen in as she shares how to incorporate purposeful authentic photography into your daily life. She also gives us tips on choosing the right type of photos to shoot if you want to sell your photos through stock agencies.  

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