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“Planes are meant to fly – people are meant to build things.” – Lori Allen

This week on Great Escape Radio our host, Jody Mayberry, chats with Great Escape Director, Lori Allen, about following through on our ideas. And Lori brings up an important lesson she learned while studying for her pilot’s license…

“I had this great idea to become a pilot, but the truth is I was a little scared of the plane…” Lori explains. “But my instructor always said planes are meant to fly. They aren’t meant to sit on the ground or taxi around the airport – they are built to fly.”

And Lori believes the same is true of people…

She says, “Planes are meant to fly and people are meant to build things.”

And she sees this often in the people she works with through Great Escape Publishing. Many come to GEP as they begin retirement. They’ve spent a lifetime building a career and once that is gone they are often looking for something else to build.

Building something doesn’t mean you have to start a second career working long hours as an accountant, plumber or any of the traditional jobs. It often means building something creative – like a second career as a photographer or travel writer.

But it is important to also remember that what you start out thinking you want to do can change direction – it is the journey that offers the challenge.

Lori offers these tips for the journey to mastery…

…Start with an idea

…Take one step toward your goal

…Every single day take one more step toward your goal

…If your direction changes, go with it

“Getting started is the hardest part, but it is important to keep moving forward. And it’s also important to expect turns along the way that could lead you in another direction.”

Lori has seen this with people who come to Great Escape Publishing thinking they want to be a travel writer, but then they decide it’s really photography that they love… and vice versa. 

“Putting one foot in front of the other allows you to deviate from your original plan and follow the detours that lead you to your destination.”

While Lori never got that pilot’s license, she has no regrets. She put one foot in front of the other and that led her to Great Escape Publishing where she is building programs that inspire others.

Lori’s advice to someone looking for a place to get started…

“Start with travel writing. You can start where you live, you don’t need any special equipment and anyone can do it.”

For more about how you can get started with travel writing today, visit:  

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