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For more about how you can get started with travel writing today, visit:  

At Great Escape Publishing, our philosophy is simple: to show you how to enjoy a life of travel, adventure, creativity, and freedom – and earn a good living. Whether it’s diving on the Great Barrier Reef, shopping in an open-air market in Ecuador, or exploring the culture and romance of Paris, you can earn paychecks and perks for sharing your experiences. And we want to show you how.

Starting as a group of “untourists” making our way around the world in search of more unconventional ways to travel… today, members are import/exporters, travel writers, bloggers and photographers. We don’t have degrees in business and journalism, and haven’t spent years in photo school.  We’re just everyday folks who like to travel, and pay for it by following our passions: importing one-of-a-kind treasures, selling stories and photos to magazines, newspapers and websites across the globe.

If you’re ready to take that first step toward financial independence, whether it’s to boost your retirement income or create a whole new livelihood that can provide the income and freedom you need to live anywhere, travel anytime, and enjoy life to the fullest, we have something for you.

In this first episode, you’ll learn about the company’s early years, the demographic it serves, and why Great Escape Publishing can offer anyone an opportunity for a better life.

Since travel writing continues to be the most popular opportunity for new members, you’ll hear about ways to tap into that market and begin traveling in a way that most people never experience.

If additional earnings, increased flexibility, and lots of adventure interest you, you’ll want to listen in!

For more about how you can get started with travel writing today, visit:  

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