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Paris is one of my favorite cities.  And I love giving other travelers recommendations for their trips.  So when I realized I could get paid to send someone an itinerary for an upcoming vacation to help them explore the best parts of the city, I felt like I was earning money for something I’d gladly do in my free time for fun.  

But this is just one of nine different “microgigs” I get paid for.  

When I first heard about this opportunity in the New York Times and ABC, I jumped on it.  They profiled people who are making nearly six figures with it and I signed up to see how easy it is.

It’s SUPER EASY.  But I’m not sure it’s a six-figure gig.  If you have an existing talent or hobby you can fall back on, I can see where it can be quite lucrative.  But if you want to just comment on someone’s blog posts for $5-$15, it’ll be a long road to six figures.

That said, commenting on a blog takes less than 5-10 minutes, and it’s something I like to do, so it’s fun.  Make three or four comments in a day and you’ll make $20-50 in less time than it normally takes you to shower.

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