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Can you believe people are getting paid for this kind of stuff?

I hired this woman to put my photo in a coffee cup.  And here’s another…

This mermaid picture is actually what got me hooked on this opportunity…

I tell my daughter, Charlie, stories every night.  Usually they’re about her.  And one night I made up a story about magic pants.  When she puts them on, her legs change into whatever she wants them to change into.  One day in the backyard she put them on to get squirrel legs so she could climb to the tops of the trees.  The next day at the mall she got bunny legs to hop over all the cars in the parking lot.  And one day she put the magic pants on at the beach and swam all the way out as far as we could see with a big mermaid tail.

It could have stopped there but, for Christmas, I had this artist draw Charlie with her magic pants and I put all the scenes together with words into a coloring book.  It’ll be something she finds under the tree on Christmas morning from Santa and I did it all through this new opportunity.

It’s crazy, too, because unlike other opportunities I’ve sent you in the past, this one doesn’t actually require any skills.  

But I’ve seen others that include payment for: singing happy birthday, writing letters from Santa, holding signs, recording your voice, “liking” pages on Facebook, Photoshopping portraits, and writing travel articles.  In fact, I actually put up a gig where I’d write a travel article or an article about photography and I’ve already received five paid bylines from it.

I hope you’ll give it a try, here.  I actually know people who are doing this over the holidays because their jobs are slowing down and they’ve got extra time at their desk between holiday parties.  They’re quick little gigs – 15 minutes here and there like in the two examples here.

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