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About four years ago, I stumbled across the idea of microgigs on a new start-up site, and I was intrigued.

I’m an actor, and I love to fool around with short comic bits, so I decided to create a ‘singing cowboy’ character named Camp Cookie to test out my first gig.

My initial idea was to create short videos of Camp Cookie singing and playing the guitar that people can share with others, give as gifts, or use to market their businesses online.

The microgig website  acts as the broker, so I don’t have to fool with marketing and payment systems. They do all of the marketing, and I can simply sell my gigs to buyers.

Buyers can hear Camp Cookie sing about their birthdays, events, or promotions. It’s a fun way for me to use my musical and acting skills to entertain. That’s what I love the most… I get to entertain.

The gig has since evolved into many compilation-videos, where my character is edited in with other actors for a longer video.

While I only earn a few dollars for a basic short video, the combined gigs I offer (and the optional ‘extras’ I charge for) have kept me busy, and have helped me to buy a new truck.

When my 14-year old truck was beyond repair, I knew I needed to buy a new one. Luckily, I knew that I would have no problem at all paying for the truck with the money I was being paid for my acting videos, with more left over.

Frankly, I don’t think that I could have afforded that truck, or some of the other things I needed, without this extra income. My new truck is a daily reminder of  just how lucky I am to have found this way to sell my talent over the internet. I never thought this was possible.

Expanding beyond the ‘Singing Cowboy’ character, I also provide a banjo-playing Hillbilly, an outspoken preacher, and Dr. Einstein. All of these are comical; each has a different style, and can deliver practically any message for the buyer. Each has his own costume, facial hair, and wigs. It’s become great fun.

Another benefit to me for being an actor and musician selling these microgigs, is that I have developed friends and fans all over the world. No, they aren’t fans as in the Hollywood raving fans model, but I do get lots of glowing reviews and comments about my work.

Maybe that is the additional payoff for me. The money is nice, but combined with the positive comments, is priceless.

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