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If you haven’t heard about online microgigs before- and even if you have- you have to take a look at this video:

This hamster has something to say…and he’s earning money from it.

Fifteen thousand dollars.

That’s how much “Manja” the hamster has earned for his owner Suzzy over the last two years. Money she’s used to pay her rent, bills, buy food, and more…

As you can see, Suzzy’s videos provide a fun and very unique way to deliver a message—which is why she’s been so successful. And those messages are in-demand, too—Suzzy’s hamster videos have sold more than 1,400 times.

Manja the hamster has delivered 50 marriage proposals, wished a Happy Birthday to more than 500 people, promoted 500 plus websites, and made a handful of predictions on Football games and the World Cup…

If you like the idea of earning a nice side income in less than 30 minutes a day doing something fun, then selling microgigs might be for you.

No matter what your hobbies, interests, or skills may be, you can turn them into a money-making microgig.