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As retirement droned on and I had more time on my hands than money, I began searching for something more meaningful I could do to benefit others… and make a little money along the way.

So, my journey into microgigs began as I read an email from Great Escape Publishing. I was hesitant at first to try something I didn’t fully understand. But I did it anyway and it was one of the smartest moves I ever made.

My first mini gig was a proofreading gig. I’m a retired TV and Radio broadcaster, with lots of experience writing, so this was right down my alley.

In exchange for money, I read other people’s blog posts, travel articles, and e-books, looking for errors.

Many of the people who hire me are foreigners looking to improve their English, so every day is different. The discovery never stops and I like that.

I’m paid in U.S. dollars, so no need for fancy banking or currency converters, either. And so far I’ve made $3,000. Well worth it.

Well, okay, $3,000 is not a lot of money but I should mention that the time spent on earning this was little. I would call it micro time. It was time I enjoyed turning a document somebody else wrote into something better… and getting paid for it.

And I’ve since learned how to upsell with gig “extras” to make even more money.

But, the most important thing to me is eagerly checking my email wondering what new venture microgigs will send me on today.

If you have a talent that would benefit somebody else, or you have extra time and could use the funds, I’d definitely steer you toward microgigs.

I now have an additional gig offering voice-over recordings. Both of my gigs keep me busy, with a feeling of being useful.

Whether your need is to feel useful, make a little pocket money, or grow your gig into a full-sized income, it really costs nothing to begin and see if it’s for you. I’m so glad I took that first “micro step.”

I still get excited seeing the headline in my inbox that says, “Congrats! You have an order.” I bet you will, too.