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In Thailand last week, I felt like I was paying more for the clothes and trinkets I bought just because I spoke English.

It’s like they saw me coming.

Blond hair, blue eyes.  She must be American.  I’m going to charge more.

That’s what it felt like they were saying when I walked into a store and they quoted me $60 U.S. for a dress when most things at the market where less than $3.

I daydreamed about turning things around on them – those evil, price-manipulating Thai people (I say that with a smirk because the Thai people are among the sweetest, most gentle people in the world, so you have to squint your eyes and pretend you’re in a movie and they’re a make-believe super-villain taking your money and laughing behind your back as you leave with an empty wallet).

I dreamt of entering the shop, hands relaxed by my sides, completely uninterested in their wares, leisurely trolling through their goods while they plotted in Thai to mark up the price only – WHAM! – I spin around and in perfect Thai tell them I understand everything they’re saying and will pay $2 and not a penny more for their chotchkies.

And, while I’m sure this might sound silly — and I admit I can get carried away in my daydreams from time to time — I bet you’ve had thoughts like this before, too.

Times when you “knew” people were talking about you behind your back in another language… Circumstances where you secretly dreamed you spoke two or more languages.

I mean, wouldn’t it be cool to speak every language in the world?

If you won the lottery, wouldn’t it be fun to immerse yourself in a new language every few months and travel around the world making a home and picking up a new language everywhere you go?

Now, the sad truth is that most of us don’t have that kind of time (or that kind of money).

But I do have something I want to tell you about this week that might help you learn a new language at record speed.  Something you can do without much money or time to make at least part of my Thailand language experience a reality for you if you’re interested in learning Spanish and are tired of people saying things around you in another language that you don’t understand.

It’s this…

Starting in December, we’re going to test a new way of learning languages, and I’m looking for volunteers.

We’ve created a fool-proof plan for language learning that anyone can follow.  And with it, you can learn Spanish in a single afternoon, followed by 15 minutes a day in the morning and at night for one month.

Now, some of the techniques are a bit crazy, I’ll admit.  But I’m fairly certain they’re going to work because they’re the same techniques ancient scholars once used to memorize history books and the entire Christian Bible.

We’re resurrecting them in this study.  And to prove that they work, we’re going to test them on 50,000 volunteers.

If you’d like to be a part of this fun opportunity to learn Spanish quickly through these new methods, go here and sign up now.  It’s free.

And then spread the word.  The sooner we get to 50,000 volunteers, the sooner we can get started.

And note: I ended up paying $60 for the dress I’m quite certain was overpriced because I love it and I would have paid that much (or more) back here in the U.S.

That said, I do think my wallet would be a bit thicker if I spoke Thai.  Go here to volunteer for Spanish language learning today.  If these methods work, we’ll work quickly to apply them to other languages, like Thai, too.

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