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The idea of an online business has always been really appealing to me.

I spent 20 years in the insurance financial services business and for many of those years I made a good living. But when the industry changed, it became harder and harder to make the kind of money I wanted, so I started looking for new things online.

I went through a lot of the “how to make money online” ideas and found my fair share of things that didn’t live up to the hype.

Most of the ideas have no chance of working for a normal person, or the instruction is so complicated it’s like teaching someone how to swim in the midst of a hurricane.

But then I found Importing Fortunes and followed the principles outlined in the program.

Things began to snowball for me from there, and now I’m finally making the kind of income I was after. I can work as many hours a week as I want and build and grow. Or I can work just 3 or 4 and maintain what I already have. Either way, it’s my business and I get to decide.

The key to getting started with an online import business is finding the right products and the right people to buy them.

It’s a lot like a treasure hunt. There’s no tried-and-true formula that says one thing is good and another is bad. A lot of what you’re looking for initially are niches — pockets of people interested in one particular thing like cooking, martial arts, wedding planning, or other.

You can ask yourself: What are they looking for? And then build a store around that thing.

My biggest secret is that I tend not to put up single products. Instead, I like to bundle items. I learned this in the Importing Fortunes program.

One product I sell, for example, is a chakra kit — a bracelet, necklace, and e-book about chakra yoga and meditation.

You could build something similar with yoga items – maybe a yoga mat, block, and towel. I also like adding e-books to enhance the use or knowledge of the product and increase the perceived value of the bundle.

Overall it’s important to be flexible. Something may work initially, but if sales starts to whither, then transition to other niches and try something new.

That’s part of the fun of import, too. It’s like a treasure hunt after all. When you find something that works, it’s like pure gold.

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