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Yes!  You can own your own business.

Like most people, I spent many years of my life working for someone else.  After 20 years in the insurance financial products industry, I said goodbye to the company.  

Now I decide how many hours I’m going to work each week.  I decide how much time I want to take off for travel.  And, I decide what my days will look like – every day.  All because I started my own import business.

And so can you.

Understandably, most people don’t think owning a business is possible unless you have several thousand dollars to invest.  But that’s not the case with an import/export business.  You can start for as little as $250.

With traditional businesses things like this can happen…

***Pay someone to help create a business plan – $6,000

***Obtain surveys for the property required to open the business – $20,000

***After even more start-up costs, open the business and work every day for long hours to get things rolling

***The market changes and your business is no longer current with the trends

***Or, you get bored with the business but have no money left to start anything new

It’s no wonder most people never think they could own a business.

Starting an import business like mine, things like this can happen…

***Invest between $250 and $1,000 for products you want to sell

***Spend about $30 to set up a “store” on Shopify

***Get the business up and running in under two weeks

***Once it’s set up, spend an hour a day, 3 to 4 hours a week, or however many hours you want tending to your business – you decide

***If you get bored with the product you’re selling or the market trends change – change the product

I had always been intrigued by the idea of an online business.  The Importing Fortunes program gave me the guidelines to make that business a reality.  You can see from this example that you can start your own business and start making profits for less than it cost to create a business plan for a traditional business.  

Of course, it’s still a business and there’s still work to do, but it’s your work, your time, and on your own terms.  You can work from a laptop in a coffee shop or wherever you want to be.  All you need is an internet connection.  

Here are a few or my tips for keeping things on track and profitable…

***Choose a niche that you or someone you know is familiar with – it will help you understand your potential customers.

***Immerse yourself in the niche you choose.  Who would buy this product and why?

***Keep an eye on trends in product sales – things change constantly.

***Be flexible.  If something starts off great but sales start to wither, be prepared to change the products you offer.

***Build a customer list base by gathering e-mail addresses through e-book offerings

Remember, businesses of any type are subject to a natural ebb and flow.  Some products sell, some don’t.  Some days are more profitable than others.  But, if you pay attention to trends, nurture your business, and remain flexible, the sky is the limit…

Best of all…you will own a business.  And you will be the boss.

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