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It’s Columbus Day and lots of people get this holiday off.  

If you’re one of them, maybe you’d like to check out our guide (with my compliments): How to Import a Fortune from Right there at Home and Build a Million- Dollar Import/Export Business.

Import/Export is something you can easily start on days like today when you have a little extra time on your hands.

Terry, my husband, is between work contracts, so he’s home milling about today, looking for something to get into.  So I sent him this guide, too.

I’ve imported products before – Android tablets, MP3 players, wireless microphones for recording videos on SLR cameras and iPhones, scarves, and a few other things.  

But Terry’s never tried it yet.  He’s in some small jui jitsu tournament this weekend and wants to import the shirts they wear at practice. You can’t find them online for less than $30 and the good ones sell out really fast (usually in less than four hours).  

He’s also looking at the headsets private pilots wear when they fly.  He used to have his private pilot’s license and he knows those headsets sell for hundreds of dollars but are probably made cheaper overseas and marked up quite a bit because it’s a specialty market.

And that’s something I really like about this Importing Fortunes opportunity…

Shopping online for the products you want to import is as easy as looking online for products on  You just go to the portals detailed in the program and type in keywords like you do when you’re shopping for something on Amazon.  The sites even look similar to Amazon.

Then, when you find the product you want, you can order a sample.  I ordered three Android tablets before I found the one I like.  And I’ve tried different MP3 players, too.

If you’re interested in giving this opportunity a go, I’ll keep that free report up online for you all this week.  It’ll give you a little snapshot of how it works.

Get it, here.

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