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Entrepreneurs around the world are running this business from a smartphone.

Granted, running the business from a laptop is probably more practical.

But if you have access to a Wi-Fi or cell signal, you can do it through your smartphone.

And believe it or not this business is more than 2,000 years old! It’s shocking but true.

The business is importing and exporting products and reselling them online, to retail businesses or to wholesalers.

I know what you’re probably thinking, and you’re not alone. Hundreds of entrepreneurs have approached me over the past two years with the same questions on their mind.

Most people want to know the answers to 3 simple questions:

  1. Can anyone get into the import export market even if they have very little business or technical experience?
  2. Can someone get involved in this business on a part time basis and still make money?
  3. Can a person get involved in this business if they’re short on cash?

Allow me to answer each question.

To claim anyone could be successful in the import export market without any business or technical experience is a stretch.

You need a basic understanding of how to run a business or browse the Internet, and you need to be willing to learn more.

My youngest son is 11 years old. He imported computer cases and sold them to a small retail computer business.

I know people working less than twenty hours a week who make money in this business. If you apply time management principles, and focus on high demand products you can be successful too.

But, like businesses and markets there is a learning curve.

It would be hard to make money in this (or any) business without a solid foundation of accurate information and insight. You need these two things to enhance the learning curve.

As far as being short on cash, this should not be an issue. I’ve started dozens of businesses (including this market) without any startup capital or loans whatsoever. I’m the epitome of starting a business on a shoestring.  I talk about that in details in the Importing Fortunes program.

But, it’s best to avoid a fantasy world where everything works perfectly.

There are unseen costs, expenses or obstacles in any business. My objective when teaching and coaching people in this business is to reduce costs, expenses and downside risks.

You may have heard about these web portals that connect entrepreneurs with suppliers in other countries to avoid the costs of a middleman.

These are typically large companies in China that help entrepreneurs facilitate import and export transactions in more than 100 different countries.

The transactions on these sites range from a few hundred dollars to tens of millions. They don’t take percentages.  They’re simply there to connect buyers with sellers.

I developed a comprehensive program to teach people about this incredible market and opportunity, and coach them to success.

But you don’t need my course or instruction to check out your options. 

Go (it’s one I often recommend) and see the scope and magnitude for yourself.

It’s not the only import export exchange on the Internet. But I think it’s one of the best.

Then, check out my Import export program called Importing Fortunes and I’ll walk you through turning your first import into $2,000-$3,000 starting with a guide on testing the water with a modest investment of just $50 for your first import.

If you do that, start small and build big, I think you’ll be happy with the fast results.

I’m not one for starting businesses that take years to break even.  I like fast profits or I move on.

The import export market opportunity is a good fit for people like me and maybe you.

And the best news is that once you’re up and running, you can run it from your iPhone.