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One day, deep in the woods, a poor woodcutter, Ali Baba, overhears a band of thieves gaining access to their hidden cave of treasures with the magic phrase: “Open, sesame.”

He returns to the cave late at night and uses the phrase to gain access to the cave and steal a bag of gold coins from the thieves.

The thieves find out and try to kill him.  But their acts are thwarted by Ali Baba and his slave, Morgiana.  In the end, one by one, Morgiana and Ali Baba kill all the thieves, and Morgiana gets her freedom.  With the thieves gone, Ali Baba is the only one who has access to the cave.

Most of us have heard the story “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” from Arabian Nights. But Jack Ma used it, and the phrase “open sesame” as inspiration to name his website, What is Alibaba? Currently, it’s the biggest e-commerce site in the world.

“Alibaba opens sesame for small- to medium-sized companies,” he told ABC press last month.

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for any amount of time, you know we recommend Alibaba (and similar sites) as a portal for our Importing Fortunes members.

It’s so easy to use, you could start using it today to find just about anything at its lowest factory price.

If you want to import Indian silk scarves direct from India, you can log on to Alibaba and find Indian retailers selling silk scarves at wholesale prices.

If you want to import bladeless fans, you can go straight to Alibaba and find a Korean manufacturer who sells them direct for about a third of the price you’ll find here on store shelves.

Newspapers in the U.S. are describing as a cross between Amazon and eBay. But it’s actually much, much bigger than that.

On Black Friday last year, there were more than $240 billion in sales on That’s three times more sales than every single website in the United States combined!!

Why am I telling you all this?

Because there’s nothing new or hard to understand about using Alibaba to buy goods at cheap prices and sell them online for a profit.

It’s a simple concept of buying low and selling high. In the past, you had to travel overseas to meet foreign manufacturers. And the practical aspects of import/export were intimidating. Now there are sites like Alibaba.

The Alibaba website makes importing a viable way for you to generate extra income, whether on the side or as a full-time pursuit.

I’ve been talking quietly about this website for two years. But now that the secret is out, you’re going to hear me speak about it quite a bit louder moving forward.

And here’s what it means for you…

If you’ve never tried import/export using the portals we’ve profiled in our Importing Fortunes program, you’d better get on it.

No one knows how much longer this opportunity is going to last. We do know, however, that people are building 6- and even 7-figure incomes from it. So now’s the time to get in.

Jack Ma had an extraordinary vision with — the opportunity to connect, interact, and network with legitimate product suppliers and manufactures around the world.

Thanks to him, this is now an incredible business opportunity for people like us. One that you can learn how to do with very little money — you can get started with as little as $50.

Check out our Importing Fortunes program and let program creator, Marc Charles, walk you through turning your first import into $2,000 to $3,000, starting with a guide on testing the water with using a modest investment of just $50 for your first import.If you follow this advice — that is, start small and build big — I think you’ll be happy with the fast results.

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