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Take a minute to dream big. If money were no object, where would you go? And what would you do there?

Would you motorcycle across Ethiopia? Or hike glaciers in Antarctica? Would you cross the salt flats in Bolivia? Or explore the Iguaçu Falls in Argentina? Or maybe island hopping is more your style, in Hawaii, Greece, Malaysia, or French Polynesia…

This week, I’m going to show you a fun and easy way to fund your travels that doesn’t involve taking photos or writing travel articles. Instead, it’s a way to turn trips like these into a profit — upwards of $10,000.

It’s something we’re calling the “fun biz,” and people all over the world are doing it. (Again, no writing or photography is involved… unless that’s something you want to do on the side.)

Take horse lovers Bayard and Mel, for example. They dreamed of traveling internationally on horseback. So they planned a trip… and through this special “fun biz,” they got paid to do it.

On their first horseback riding trip through Kenya, they got a kick out of the colorful Masai tribes and polo ponies. Wild zebra and wildebeest raced along beside them…

Since that life-changing trip, they’ve been paid to take more than 100 similar trips to places like Morocco… Turkey… Argentina… Chile… Mexico… France… Egypt… Ireland… Australia… New Zealand… and beyond.

“People are a lot happier to greet you if you show up on a horse, versus showing up on a tour bus,” Bayard says. “Horses help people feel more comfortable. And, because people feel more comfortable, they’ll come up to greet you.”

Bayard and Mel are just two of the hundreds of people who are using this “fun biz” to make a living traveling and enjoying their favorite activities among friends.

Tomorrow I’ll send you more specifics on how it works and how you can discover the best travel experience of 2015.