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Shelly Perry, from Portland, Oregon, left a decade-long career working with children in a social services capacity to pursue her life-long love of photography in 2003. Now an established professional, her images have been seen all over the globe on album covers, books, magazines, catalogues, websites, ad campaigns, and even on TV. Her work has also appeared in several local exhibits and gallery shows.

While she makes most of her photography income through stock, her real photography love is documentary and creative fine art. An excellent presenter, Shelly has joined numerous Great Escape workshops to share her experiences and help our readers to follow in her footsteps. Shelly’s specialty is people photography - what she calls documentary or lifestyle portraits.

In her own words:

Today: I can't imagine ever having a "regular job" again.
Best adventure: I have had so many epic moments, but these are a few standouts: swimming with the giant sea turtles in the Galapagos, walking the Great Wall of China, riding an elephant in Thailand (way better than riding a camel in Egypt), flying in a tiny piper plane over the wilds of Alaska, being at the Lantern Festival in Thailand, seeing the Shaman in Ecuador, meeting and making friends all over the world.
Favorite Photographer: Gregory Colbert
People don’t know: I’m scared of heights!

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