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Jennifer Stevens is the author of The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program and architect of Great Escape Publishing’s annual Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop. The Executive Editor of International Living, Jen has gallivanted through 27 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia, writing about the best locales for overseas travel, retirement, and investment. She has decades of experience in both writing and publishing travel articles.

In past incarnations, she lived in Paris and wrote market research reports for the Foreign Commercial Service - and she spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer on a spit of sand between Madagascar and Mozambique. She makes her home in the Colorado Rockies where, with her husband, she corrals three boys, a cat, and a dog (the toads, mercifully, finally met their end).

How to Get an Assignment Letter and Score a Press Trip!

You need to write an editor and ask for one. And if you have a firm article assignment, then it’s perfectly natural for you to do so. You simply get in touch with your editor and say something like: “Hello, Jim, I’m working on that article we discussed — on non-Disney travel in Northern Florida — and I wonder if you might write me a quick letter of assignment to flash around to PR folks and whatnot? Thank you.”