Great Escape Radio Episode 39: The Magic of Travel Photography

“Photography encourages you to stop and ask questions and think about things.” —Lori Allen For more information on how you can get started selling your travel photos, go to Director, Lori Allen, joins host Jody Maberry to talk about travel photography and how it’s more than just a way to document a trip. Lori […]

Great Escape Radio Episode 37: The triple threat traveler

“When your work combines your passions it doesn’t really feel like work.” – Sophie Parmantier If you’re interested in creating and selling simple travel videos, visit for more details and tips on how to get started. This week host Jody Maberry talks with Sophie Parmantier who has found a way to fund her travels and make […]

Great Escape Radio Episode 35: Camera Buying Tips

“There’s a difference between good photographs and saleable photographs. At Great Escape Publishing, we focus on saleable photographs.” – Lori Allen For more information on the different markets where you can sell your photos and how much you can expect to make, visit On this episode, host Jody Mayberry and Great Escape Publishing Director, Lori Allen, […]