Bonnie knew she never wanted a conventional desk job but she didn’t know exactly what else was out there to do that didn’t involve eight hours in a chair staring at boring spreadsheets. Until, that is, she signed up to attend one of our live events in San Francisco. Today, in addition to her full-time job here at Great Escape Publishing, she makes over $10,000 a year from her photos. All in her spare time. Bonnie has a knack for breaking things down into simple language. She loves teaching and if you're with her on a photo expedition trip, she'll make sure you leave with your own saleable photos.
Man using a tripod to get sharp focus photos

Five Tricks To Get Sharp Photos

Last week we talked about focus, and the importance of submitting sharp photos to your stock agencies. If you missed it, you can catch up here. But if you’re getting blurry photos and you’re not sure why, try these five tips for getting tack-sharp shots: Check your shutter speed. A big cause of blur is […]

A Different Kind Of Photo Success

When it comes to selling photos, pursuing every possible avenue is a smart idea. Breakfast Stock Club member Amy Muschik recently found this out when she submitted a photo to a company called ImageBrief. ImageBrief is sort of a hybrid stock agency. Photo buyers can post “briefs” that describe exactly what photos they need for […]

Three Tips For Stock Photo Success

Congratulations to the Breakfast Stock Club members who’ve recently signed up and been accepted to several stock photo agencies! It’s happening a LOT right now and I love it. Motivation is fleeting. If you need some quick tips to get you going, check out our three-part series, walking you through the process here, here, and […]

Selling photos with Alamy

This year, I’ve added a new stock photo agency to my list. I’ve become a contributor with Alamy! I want to share a little about the site and my experience submitting photos so far. Here’s a quick rundown of what Alamy offers: Agency size: 95 million stock images Pricing: Depending on the license, images sell […]

Keyword Your Stock Photos Faster!

Last week, we talked about the importance of adding keywords to your stock photos… and how to come up with the best keywords to use. If you missed it, you can read it here. Keywording can be boring and tedious… especially if you’re submitting your photos to multiple stock sites and adding the same keywords […]