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Get 3 Fun Ways to Get Paid to Travel

Bonnie knew she never wanted a conventional desk job but she didn’t know exactly what else was out there to do that didn’t involve eight hours in a chair staring at boring spreadsheets. Until, that is, she signed up to attend one of our live events in San Francisco. Today, in addition to her full-time job here at Great Escape Publishing, she makes over $10,000 a year from her photos. All in her spare time. Bonnie has a knack for breaking things down into simple language. She loves teaching and if you're with her on a photo expedition trip, she'll make sure you leave with your own saleable photos.
Using Lightroom presets will transform your images...

Use Lightroom Presets To Give Your Photos A Professional Touch

Bonnie here, coming to you this week with some of my favorite ways to make your photos look professional… creative… and all-around gorgeous using Lightroom. 

Photographers love to debate over the best cameras, lenses, tripods, and computers out there… but Lightroom is the one photographer’s tool that almost all pros agree on and use regularly. […]