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Drum Roll for Our Photo Challenge Winner

AND THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER IS… The grand prize goes to [insert drum roll here] THE SAINT’S RED by Cam2Yogi (See it here: http://tinyurl.com/326uww) I am so pleased to present to you this year’s grand prize winner, The Saint’s Red. I asked all the staff for their thoughts and comments on those photos that were…

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Rule of Thirds: Advanced Thirds

The rule of thirds entails dividing your photos into three equal sections, placing the photo’s subject on one of these three lines to create a more powerful focal point in your photo.  Taking this technique a step further, "Advanced Thirds" also takes into account the motion of the subject in the photo; creating a stronger shot when…

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Part 2 — Travel Insurance: You May Already Own It

Although you may opt for some additional travel insurance before an expensive (maybe adventure-heavy) trip to a foreign country, first explore what you already own through your existing health insurance, credit card, homeowners, and life-insurance policies. You may get a few pleasant surprises. To be sure you have the coverage you want, though, make sure…

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