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Two Steps From Amateur to Professional Photographer

Whenever you look at magazines such as National Geographic, what is the first thing that holds your attention? For me, it has always been the captivating images of faraway places that I dreamed that I would someday see. I was the youngest of four children in a military family. We relocated to new surroundings whenever…

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How to Take Street Portraits the Right Way

Annie Leibovitz, the famous portrait photographer for Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone said, “A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” I couldn’t agree more. One of my greatest joys while traveling is capturing the people. Wrinkled and wizened faces, the smooth…

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5 Travel Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A few days after stamping a 30th country into my passport, I became a published travel writer. The elation of seeing my journey to a coffee plantation published in a Costa Rican magazine was quickly met with utter panic: three years of travels throughout Europe and Central America were completed under the wide-eyed gaze of…

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My Top 7 Amazing Travel Writing Experiences

During this time of COVID-19, I can’t help flashing back to my all-time favorite travel writing experiences. As I reflect on making the travel writing leap a decade ago, I’m amazed how my real-life experiences have exceeded my initial hopes and dreams. My foundation for travel writing is an unlikely one. I was a Minneapolis-based…

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How to Get Perks During Challenging Times

As travel writers, we love and appreciate the perks that come with the job. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, we know how trying these times have been for our businesses. And it’s been equally challenging for the travel writer hoping to land the “on the house” perks we’re accustomed to in exchange for our published…

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5 Ways to Stay Inspired While Writing from Home

These are challenging times for travel writers. Being confined to home, rather than having the freedom to roam the world at will, is not an easy adjustment to make. Motivation can be difficult to maintain. Here are five tips and tricks to prepare yourself for life post-coronavirus and ensure that you keep your travel writing…

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The Formula for the Perfect Facebook Post

There’s a formula to creating the perfect Facebook post. It’s tried, it’s tested, it’s known to work as well as bread, peanut butter, and jelly—and is just as simple to follow. It’s not a secret, yet many people making the cross-over from personal social accounts where they blurt out thoughts and feelings willy-nilly, to professionally…

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The 5 Best Reasons to Master Social Media Right Now

As a travel writer, I learned early on how crucial marketing is to travel writing success. Simply put, if you don’t market yourself, no one knows you’re out there.   Social media is the ideal way to showcase your profile as a writer, and it’s especially important in today’s world. Initially by trial and error,…

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The 5-Step Strategy to Succeed at Social Media

Social media is an extremely powerful but frequently misunderstood and all too often underestimated tool for travel writers. From Facebook to Tumblr, Instagram to TikTok, and beyond, there is a spiraling list of platforms designed to connect us with the people, trends, and topics we love. Unfortunately, many travel writers balk at the idea of…

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