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Get 3 Fun Ways to Get Paid to Travel


How I Got Published in the New Yorker

On my way to the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Boston, I dreamed about being free to explore the world instead of being cooped up in an office building. I thought longingly about leaving behind the piles of paperwork to head out for adventures on exotic tropical islands. I looked forward to learning skills that…

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How I Earn Money by Doing What I Love

“Hold on!” I shouted to my kids as we took a whitecap across the broad side of our canoe. Our boat rocked hard and water splashed in, but we stayed upright as my wife and I paddled frantically to get pointed downwind. The stunning turquoise waters of the lake had been placid just an hour…

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Tropical Thailand Is a Photographer’s Dream

My ginger cat, Ninja, lies sprawled behind my open laptop on a sturdy, stone picnic table with a sea view. My feet rest on a carpet of fallen leaves, a balmy, briny breeze fans me, and a patchwork of bright blue sky peeks through a green, leafy canopy overhead. I work peacefully accompanied by my…

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Getting Started in Client Photography

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to become a professional portrait or wedding photographer but had no idea where to start, you are not alone! It can seem pretty overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done anything like it before. I’ve been a professional portrait and event photographer for the last 16 years,…

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How I Earned $800 in Bylines by Looking Back at My Photos

A new year tends to make us look back over the past year. I usually think about what changes to make and what I’d like to accomplish going forward. Then there’s the joy and goldmine of article ideas I find from looking back through travel photos.   Being a visual person, looking back over my travel pictures is how I pay the bills. To give you an idea,…

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How I Quit My Job to Travel More

Have you ever daydreamed about changing your life in order to get more freedom to travel? That moment when you’d quit your job (dramatically, of course), sell your stuff, pack a bag, and disappear over the horizon? What stopped you? Common sense? Responsibilities? The fact that life isn’t a Hollywood movie and normal people just…

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7 Ways to Promote A New Blog Post

Unfortunately, you can’t simply write a blog and expect readers to find it. However, there are many things you can do to help attract an audience and get those pageviews! Here are seven that I’ve found to work well: 1. Share on Facebook Each social media platform has its own unique quirks. For Facebook, hopefully…

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5 Practical Steps for Travel Photography

Whether photographing the colorful chaos of a South American market or the powerful simplicity of the Sahara Desert, being a professional travel photographer can be a rewarding experience. However, if you want to make a living with your photos, there are some practical tips you need to follow before going on any photographic adventure. 1.…

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Street Photography Easily Pays the Bills

Easy, fun, and free. The best thing about street photography is it can be done anywhere in the world, day or night. It’s as easy as stopping for a second while you’re walking around, pulling out your camera or smartphone, and snap, you’re done. The street photography I am talking about is almost a cross…

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