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10 Years In: How Blogging Changed My Life

Back in 2010, I made the decision to begin blogging on a website called Tumblr. While it still exists, at the time it was a clunky, terribly-designed website with small pictures you had to squint to see and ill-fitting migration that was worlds away from what we see online today. Almost everything in my life…

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3 Benefits of Blogging Over a Regular Job

My blog has been a blessing in my life for around a decade at this point. I’ll be honest that this career is hard work, especially at the very beginning—when you start out blogging, you’re going to be doing a lot of work centered on learning about your audience, planning out your subjects, marketing to…

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SEO for Travel Bloggers

Don’t worry it’s not just you, the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be confusing and hard to navigate. With ever-changing algorithms and thousands of pieces of content flooding search engines every day, it’s probably never been so challenging (or so important) to wrap your head around this rewarding marketing strategy. Even a small…

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A Guide to Landing Freebies with Photography

Just 20 years ago, photography was an activity for the rich or those who had dedicated their lives since college to learning the art. Cameras were expensive and confusing. Fast forward to 2020: cameras are as ubiquitous as smartphones and the photographer lifestyle along with its benefits are open to all. Yet still, too many…

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A Guide to Selling Photos as Art Online

Growing up in a family of artists nurtured my love of art. However, I didn’t feel I’d inherited the talented artist gene. My first camera, a gift from my father, showed me an alternative path for my creativity—and photography became my passion. After a few years of selling licenses for my travel photos through online…

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From Beginner to Pro Photographer in 3 Steps

Back in the days before I became a full-time photographer, I used to work as a human resources manager and had no idea about making money with art. It seemed like an impossible dream to reach. Daniel Nahabedian After picking up photography as a hobby, I slowly and patiently worked on improving my skills and…

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Turning Everyday Photos Into a Relaxing Side Income

This year has been crazy, right? I find that my moods are all over the place—varying from worry to calm, anxious to confident, moody to hopeful, and everything in between. During the lockdown earlier this year, I was worried that my spark of creativity and imagination would dim. What would inspire me if I wasn’t…

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